Monday, August 31, 2009

Can I just say....

That I LOVE my Layla?
I do.

There are some dogs that affect me more deeply than others. Layla is one of those. There is just something about her.... she is an older dog, supposedly about 5-6 yrs old, but may be older than that.
She has gone through so much: shelter rescue, tumor removal surgery, etc.

She is bossy with our other dogs, and we've had to work with her constantly. She barks when someone knocks on the door, we have to muzzle her during play time with the other dogs so she doesn't get angry with them for barking, we have to make sure that she doesn't eat with anyone else, I'm constantly having to watch her to make sure that she's not pulling an attitude with the other dogs, she's gotten in a fight TWICE with the other dogs, but, in spite of all that, I just LOVE her. Deeply.

She has got the most incredible personality. The way that she looks at me when I talk to her. She likes to be right with me all the time, (and I don't mind). She can communicate with me completely by just a look.. her eyes say it all. She has such an expressive face.
When Im sitting on the couch, she will sit and look at me, and if I say "Layla, up" she will jump up on the couch next to me and just love me. She has such an incredible capacity for love.

I get such joy from watching her play. She gets so happy, and her entire face changes when she plays. The years just fall off of her when there is a tennis ball or a frisbee involved!

She listens SO well, and is very well behaved. She loves to go on car rides with me, and travels SO great in the car.

I really hope that we can find her a home where they are willing to have only one dog, and where they will give her the love and attention that she deserves. I fear that no one will want to give her the chance, but pray that her perfect family is out there somewhere, just searching for her.

It's my goal to help them find her.

And I know that I will cry like a baby when she leaves me.

Layla got adopted! Read her entry HERE for the full story.
And yes, I cried like a baby.

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