Tuesday, March 2, 2010



It's been a whirlwind the last few weeks. Lots of fosters coming and going!

Reba and Renee were accepted at HWAC, and have been placed in homes already!

Serra's adoption was finalized yesterday! We got to see her when we went to finish up the paperwork, and it was so awesome to see her! She is happy, and they really love her. She even went on an off leash mountain biking excursion and did GREAT!

Mosey got adopted yesterday as well! His new family lives in Canada most of the year.
They are great people, and he will have a great life with them.

Kirby is still here, and still going through yucky stuff. Once his foot healed up, he got a really horrid ear infection that has taken a few trips to the vet to try and get under control. He stays in high spirits though. What an awesome dog.

We had Phoenix the little pit puppy here for the afternoon before he went to his new foster home to be with Jersey, our other little pittie puppy.
He is SUCH a doll, and fun to have here even if only for a couple hours.

Banjo, Dakota, Luna, Wally, and Kirby are all doing well together. Dakota isn't quite housebroken yet... still working on that.
Wally has been a challenge, but a good one. He is such a great dog.

A note and photo from Mosey's new family:

Thanks very much for your help in saving and then adopting Moses to us.
We had a great drive back yesterday; he is an excellent traveler.
This morning we did a hike; he did really well, no fatigue or foot pad problems.

Mosey is a great dog to train already. He is also a huge hit wherever we go.

We will update with photos as we return home on March 25.

Thanks again for your great work!

I thought you might like a photo of our hike above Palm Springs today.

And we got to see Bonnie today! She and her dad were driving through Vegas and he called to let us know so that we could meet up and get some much needed Bonnie love.
It was SO awesome!!
She is such a happy little girl, and I couldn't stop smiling when we saw her!

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