Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lots and Lots of DOGS!


Wow, it's been a whirlwind few weeks! We've had so many fosters come and go that I haven't had time to write about them. Some only stay for a few hours, some for a couple days, and some we've kept for a bit.
I'm going to put them all in one post to catch up. :)

We got Rudy when his owner went to prison. We didn't have any room for him here when we first got him, so he went to Apple Valley. While he was there, he was attacked by one of Animal Control's dogs, and had to be rushed to the vet. He was in pretty bad shape, and ended up staying there for several days. When he was ok to come home, we brought him here to heal.

Unfortunately, the fight made him skittish and bad around the other dogs. We kept him secluded for about a week and tried working with him, but nothing worked, so when Washington shelter offered to work with him for us, we took him there. They have been working with him, and he's doing great!

Update, 4-7-2101: RUDY GOT ADOPTED!

Trixie was only here for a day until she went to a different foster home. She was a hoot! Such a sweet pretty girl! She was adopted almost immediately.

Max and Annie were owner released together a few weeks ago. Annie got adopted and we didn't want to leave Max along at Apple Valley, so he came here. :) He is a GREAT little dog, with a super personality. He is loving and sweet, and gets along great with the other dogs. So I can overlook the fact that he's an ugly little bugger. LOL!

4-1-10 UPDATE: Max is being fostered in a different home. I miss him! He is a neat little dog!

MAX GOT ADOPTED! WOO HOO! He went to a wonderful family where he will be spoiled beyond belief!

Suki was returned to us by her owners because they didn't have the time to exercise her like they had promised when they adopted her. She is looking great, and is SO sweet. We'll only have her for a bit longer until we can find her another foster home.

Update 3-27-2101: Suki is being fostered at Mandy's house for awhile now. She is doing great there, and gets along really well with their dogs! It's a good place for her to be, she gets LOTS of exercise, building up those muscles!


Suki got adopted! YAY! It's a great fit for her, and they are willing to work with her, knowing that she has a lot of energy, and needs a lot of attention. I'm SO happy for her!


Dezi was a rescue from the Washington shelter. She had been there for about 6 months, and we kept passing her by because she was a very active, big black dog. We thought that she would be hard to get adopted, and we really didn't have a foster home for her. But the Washington shelter took Rudy for us when we had no place else to put him, and so we took Dezi.
We brought her here, and she was just amazing. Great personality, gorgeous girl. She loved everyone and everything.
She got adopted at our very first event that we had. I think we only had her for about 4 days. What an AWESOME dog.

Update 3-27-2101
Dezi was returned to us after less than a week. She wasn't working out for them, and it was better for all involved if she come back. No problem at all! Love this girl.
She has been doing GREAT here, and loves everyone and everything.
Yes, she is highly active, but that adds to her charm!

Dezi was accepted at HWAC!


Brena was only here for a couple days until she went to her new foster home. She was a cute little thing, with the most adorable little shape. She was one of the pups we got from St George Shelter a few weeks ago, and she'd been at AV with her sister and a few of the other dogs.
She went to her new foster home, and then was adopted within a few days. Such a sweet girl!

Gandhi was only here for an overnighter before our HWAC run. We got him from the St George shelter. He'd been there for quite some time, and they held on to him for as long as they could for us because we had no place to put him. He was AWESOME with the other dogs, and such a GREAT dog. I fell in love with his big gentle personality.
He was accepted at HWAC.

Little Guido was a stray in our area who we finally caught. We kept him here overnight, then we took him to the shelter for the required 3 days to make sure that no one was looking for him. When no one came to claim him, we went and got him out, and he went to HWAC with us. He was accepted there as well!

We got Aimee back. She is our little white pitbull, Bonnie's sister. She was not living in a great situation, and we found out that she had been abused. I"m so glad that we got her back when we did.
She just went through surgery to repair a broken pelvis, and is doing GREAT. She is so so so sweet.
The folks who adopted Bonnie may be interested in adopting her as well once she is healed.

Update 4-1-2101
Aimee is getting her own post. HERE

Just got Diesel today when we got back from HWAC. He came from the shelter. I think he's half Bulldog, half Gremlin, LOL! He's about a year old, but looks like a chunky little puppy/pig. He's adorable, and a HOOT.

Update: Diesel is getting his own post HERE

I think that's all that I've missed writing about. Though there have been a few puppies here for hours at a time, Phoenix, Eliza, and Higgins. (Higgins came back as a foster, click his name for his entry!)
None have them have stayed long enough for me to really know much about them, or to get photos of them though.

I think Max and Diesel may be here for a while, so I may make them their own entries. Aimee will get a continued story added on to hers.

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