Friday, July 16, 2010

Ava and Harmony

July 6- July 14 2010

Ava and Harmony are sisters that we pulled from the Iron Co Shelter the same time that we got Morgan.
They are SO sweet! I really really adore them.
They were a bit shy at first, and it took Harmony a little while to warm up to Wade, but once they got comfortable, their real personalities just SHONE. These girls are going to make wonderful family pets.

Their personalities are totally different, but they compliment each other perfectly. Ava is a bit more outgoing, but can be a little dominant (never mean though), and Harmony is super shy, and oh so passive.

Both girls are unbelievably loving.

They went to HWAC and both got accepted. I am SO happy for them, but I was sad to see them go. I had gotten so attached to them, so quickly.

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