Friday, July 2, 2010



We pulled Buck from the shelter. He'd been there for 3 weeks, and no one would give him a chance because his previous owner had written on his kennel card that "he can break out of a wire crate, and needs a high fence".
He is a young Boxer with a lot of energy, and being penned up in the shelter kennel wasn't helping him at all.

So we brought him home. He ran around like a nutcase for the first several hours, but once he started settling in, boy did his true personality start to shine.
This boy is amazing.
He is attentive, well behaved, knows basic commands, gets along with the other dogs, is good with the cats, loves people, listens extremely well, and it's just amazing to watch him.

Not one thing about this dog would I change. Every so often there is a dog that comes along that instantly captures my entire heart, and I fall desperately in love. Buck is one of them. I adore him.

My translation of the comments on his kennel card from his previous owner?
"can break out of a wire crate" means that he was left crated for hours and not exercised.
"Needs high fence" means that he was left alone in the backyard with no supervision or interaction.

I can see that he's got separation anxiety. I can see how that would be bad if he was crated or ignored. But we crated him at night the first few days we had him, and he never once complained. However, the first day I crated him while I showered, and when I got out of the shower he was sitting by the bathroom door waiting for me when I got out, LOL.

We haven't crated him since. He sleeps all night, has never had an accident, and he is SO well behaved we don't have to worry about him at all. I don't think he ever feels alone because we've got the other dogs here, and with it being summer time, the kids are usually home as well.

He is scheduled to go to a Boxer rescue next week. We're hanging on to him for awhile to make sure he doesn't have kennel cough before sending him up. I'm sure going to miss him when he goes!


Looks like we might be keeping Buck for a while. We weren't sure if he had kennel cough or not, but after 2 trips to the vet and almost 3 weeks on antibiotics, his raspy cough-like thing persists. We think it may be a damaged trachea from being tied up all the time before.

Who knows what is in store for Buck? He is doing GREAT here, and we love him! Hopefully we can find him a fantastic home where he will be loved like he deserves!


Buck got adopted today at our anniversary adoption event!
The family who adopted Onyx last year came by to say hi, and fell in love with our Buck!
He's off to a great new adventure with his forever family.

I'm so happy for him, but I'm going to miss him terrible! Loved this boy. What an amazing dog.

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