Thursday, October 14, 2010



Robbie was pulled from the shelter and had been at Lorraine's house for awhile, but came to our house this Saturday. He's not neutered yet, and one of the other rescues at Lorraine's house wasn't spayed yet, so we needed to split them up. (Cora is now spayed, but I'm keeping Robbie here, LOL!)

At the shelter, they had him listed as a Great Dane mix. We thought at first he was an American Bulldog mix.
After having him for a few weeks, we are convinced that he's a Boxer/Lab mix with maybe some Dane or Bully in him. LOL. He has got the CUTEST little underbite and those floppy jowels, and some classic BOxer personality traits.

He's a great boy, only about 7 months old. SUPER fantastic personality. He loves the other dogs, and is adorable when he plays.
He listens, and learns very quickly. He's a great house dog!
He'll make an awesome companion to a family. He is a great cuddler (and licker!). He's a big boy, and still has some growing to do, but he's going to be one of those 'gentle giants'.


Robbie was probably one of my favorite fosters ever. Everything about this dog was awesome. I loved him deeply.
He was accepted at HWAC, and I cried when they walked him away. They loved him there, and he was adopted after only a few days. I hope that the family who adopted him realizes what a treasure they have.

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