Tuesday, October 5, 2010



We got Sedona after she'd been dumped at one of our local pet care facilities here. They kept her for awhile, but then called us before taking her to the shelter.

She's only about 5 months old, and has quite the personality. She is cute as a button, but lacks any manners, so it's a good thing she's cute! LOL.

She's learning quickly, and is doing better after just a couple days.
She is a bit too interested in the cats for my liking, but doesn't seem to want to hurt them. Yet.

She is SO smart, and you can tell that she WANTS to learn and to do the right thing.

Update: 12-22-10

Sedona went to a couple different foster homes, but we soon realized that she had some issues with other dogs. When she was at our house, she was either on a leash with me, crated, or muzzled. That wasn't good for her, so we tried for awhile to find other options.
Unfortunately, all of our foster homes have other dogs, and she just couldn't seem to get along with any of them.
The shelter staff was awesome enough to take her for us over the holidays, until we could figure out what our options were for her. While there, she was adopted! She went to a ranch in Arizona, and will be a working dog, which is just what she needed!

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