Sunday, January 27, 2013


November 2012 and January 2013

Honey was never meant to be a foster. She was a Shelter dog, that was being adopted from the shelter, and we pulled her to get her spayed before she went to her new home.
She was only going to be here overnight, but she got out of the yard and disappeared on us, missing her spay appointment.
She was found early the next morning, but I was already on the road to the vet in Kanab, so she didn't go with us.
We couldn't send her back to the shelter, and we couldn't get a hold of the people who were going to adopt her, so she stayed with us, even though we weren't taking in any new fosters because we were planning on traveling for Marian's graduation in Chicago.
When it was time for us to leave, we put out a request for a new foster so that we wouldn't have to take her back to the shelter. (she still technically belonged to the shelter, we hadn't officially taken her on as a HART dog yet).
The person who came forward to foster was the family who originally wanted to adopt her from the shelter.
Perfect, right?
Fast forward a month later. The family called and said that it wasn't working out and they decided not to keep her. So we officially took her on as a H.A.R.T. dog, and she came back to our house.
Honey is such a sweet dog. A bit shy, a little timid, but oh so sweet and snuggly. She loves to be pet and snuggled, and knows how to get a space on the bed and cuddle right in.
We had her back here for a couple weeks then took her with us to HWAC in CA. I wasn't sure if she would pass the temperament test or not, since she was so shy, but they loved her and accepted her into their program. She was adopted out in only a couple days, and I hope that she has the wonderful family that she deserves.

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