Sunday, January 13, 2013

Irwin, Bonnie, and Al



Irwin is one of 11 dogs that we pulled from the shelter this week. He is the cutest, sweetest little pup. I said we'd never have another red Heeler after Sedona, but this little guy was out to prove me wrong. He is well behaved, so sweet, and really smart.
And quiet. Oddly quiet. I dont' think I've heard one peep from him in the days that we've had him. Even when he's playing with the other pups, he never makes a noise.
He is only 4-5 months old, housebroken and crate trained.
He's supposed to be going to CA with us next week, but I won't be surprised if he gets adopted before we go. What a doll.
He had started training as a service dog, but was having a hard time getting used to his owner's electric wheelchair, so he ended up at the shelter. I'm so glad that we pulled him (at the ACO's insistent urging, lol. She wasn't going to let us leave without him.)


Bonnie was a 'free pup' on Craigslist. I had contacted the people who posted the ad last week, but they had decided to keep her. Fantastic. That leaves us space for others. So we went to the shelters and pulled a dozen dogs. The very next day the owner called and asked if we were still able to take her, as she was having an allergic reaction to her. I couldn't say no. What's one more puppy, right?
I hadn't seen her before they brought her to me, and oh my gosh. I was surprised (for some reason I was expecting a little black dog). She is gorgeous.
Her owners had named her Bon Qui Qui, but we 'adjusted' it to Bonnie. Wade and the boys can NOT stop laughing. And yes, they all still call her Bon Qui Qui. LOL!
She's a smart little thing, about 11 wks old. Uses the dog door (not 100% housebroken, but oh so close), and she's already crate trained which is a huge plus.
She has a tiny sliver of blue in one eye, which gives her a bit of a lopsided look when she stares at you, and it makes me laugh. She's got a great personality, so so sweet.
She'll be going to CA with us next week as well.


Oh Al. He is one of the dogs pulled from the shelter this week. We had a foster for him right out of the shelter, but it didn't work out there, he killed the foster's bird :(. Bad Al. And after animal control had picked him up while he was trying to get warm in a chicken coop! Never touched a chicken. But a pet bird... oh Al. Not a good way to make friends.

We were able to get him a ride to St George, and he came here. I didn't want to place him in another foster home, because I wanted to keep an eye on him. His first foster said that he had been trying to dig out of her yard, and he was lifting his leg in the house. Generally being a bad house guest, even before the unfortunate bird killing.

So, I was prepared to have my work cut out for me with this guy. But I couldn't have been more wrong. Al is amazing. He is unbelievably sweet, well behaved, and quite the snuggler. He gets along well with everyone, including the cats. He has lifted his leg in the house a couple times, but stops immediately when told no. He pouts when reprimanded and hangs his head, lol, so he knows he's done wrong. . He will learn quickly that it's not allowed (and once he's neutered, that will help too). He uses the dog door and other than the marking, he is housebroken.
We brushed him with a shedding blade, and removed an entire Cocker Spaniel. He's still harboring a Pomeranian in there, but we're getting it a little at a time. LOL. I think he's been an outdoor dog for quite some time.

He is a dancer, a bendy-wiggler, a smiler, and a snuggler. And a thief.... he's stolen my heart. He wants to be with people, and is happiest if he's touching someone. Right now, he's lying by my feet, just watching me type. Every time I look at him, he wags his tail.
He is going to make someone a wonderful forever friend.

Update: Al was accepted at HWAC in CA, and has been adotped.

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