Sunday, January 27, 2013

Josie and Briggs

Jan 2013

Both of these pups were shelter rescues, SO young, and SO little.
Josie went to a different foster home for a few days, but then we took her when her foster went out of town. Briggs came here directly from the shelter.



Josie is an 8 wk old Aussie mix pup. Full of piss and vinegar, LOL. She definitely has attitude and character. Not afraid of anything, will stand up to the big dogs like she's 10x the size she really is.
She housebroke herself in just a couple days, and was perfectly crate trained.
SUCH a good puppy, I really enjoyed having her here.
We had her for only a couple weeks, until we went to HWAC where she was accepted and adopted very quickly. She kept everyone on their toes and was definitely a lot of fun to have around.


Briggs is 7 wks old, a little grunty Shep mix pup, with amazing puppy breath. He was absolutely adorable and so much fun to have here.  He was only here a short time before our trip to HWAC, but I enjoyed every moment. Except for the pee. And the poop. And the whining. And the pee. It's a good thing he was adorable. LOL

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