Monday, June 29, 2009


6-29-09 to 7-7-09

Midge is a 4 month old pointer. She was at the shelter and was taken out when she got Parvo at the same time as Joey. So she's been at Doc's for almost a month.
She is so small! Probably only about 15-20 lbs.

She is so happy to be out of her kennel! And she's got a great personality. She's so sweet.

We gave her a bath, and she HATED it. I've never heard such a racket. LOL!


Oh my gosh, this little girl is so sweet. She is sweet incarnate.
So mellow, and so intent. On everything. She watches everything you do. She is always watching with those big round eyes.

She wants to be on your lap, and cuddles so incredibly. She is also an incessant licker, but she does it so SWEETLY.

She LOVES the cats. She wants to be Jeffery's friend in the worst way. He is very tolerant, and even purred while she was cleaning his face yesterday. She sleeps on the couch with her head up on the arm, and it is adorable.

UPDATE: 7-7-09
Midge is adopted! She went to a fantastic home, and I am so happy for her. There was a bit of a bump in the road to her adoption, but it all got worked out, and I am so glad. I actually cried when I heard that the adoption went through. I think that this was the perfect family for her.

On our way out of town for our camping trip, we dropped her off at the rescue to wait for her transport to Cedar City. It was SO hard to leave her there, but knowing that she was on the way to her new home gave me the strength I needed to hug her goodbye.

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