Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The hard part

Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotions.

Louie was taken to HWAC (and accepted, woo hoo!). Bittersweet emotions. It's always hard to let them go.

I learned also that a few of the shelter dogs were put down Monday. One of them I had grown very attached to, and was hoping that we might have been able to foster him. His name was Sam. He was a Great Dane/Lab mix. Beautiful dog, with an exceptional personality.
When at the shelter taking photos of the new dogs, I would often take Sam out to the yard and play with him when I was finished.
Tevin and I were with Sam, playing with him, when he was adopted. It was a fantastic day, and Tevin was so excited to be able to see some of the good stuff that happens at the shelter.

While we were on vacation, Sam was returned to the shelter. He didn't get along well with the woman's other dog, so she brought him back. I imagine the only thing worse for a dog than to be taken to the shelter and dropped off, is to be taken to the shelter and dropped off twice.

I felt so badly for Sam, and when we got home from vacation, I immediately went to the shelter to photograph all the dogs that had come in while we were gone.
There were so many, that I didn't have time to take Sam out and play with him, though I desperately wanted to.

That was Friday.
They killed him on Monday.

I had no idea that they were going to, and I was devastated to hear the news. My heart broke with a pain that I can't describe.

I have many friends with strong shoulders on which to cry, and I am eternally grateful for that.

I am reminded to think of the starfish. And I try.

I can't help Sam now.
But I can help others.

Dry the tears and move on, though a piece of my heart stays with Sam and the others that I have lost.


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