Friday, April 24, 2009


November 2008
Chester was our first.

He came to us right from the shelter, and had been dubbed 'Cartright' by the shelter folks.
We brought him home before the kids got home from school, and when they got home and saw him, of course, they were excited, and fawned all over him.

Marian kept quoting the movie "The Kid" and saying "We have a dog? We have a dog! What's his name? Chester!"
It stuck. LOL. He was Chester from the first day.
His last day with us, we watched the movie "The Kid" while Chester slept on Marian's legs. Towards the end of the movie when that line came in, he perked up his ears and cocked his head, like he was thinking "hey! I've heard that somewhere before!"

He was a sweet thing, and the beginning of something wonderful.

He was transported to Helen Woodward in California, and was adopted by a wonderful family the very next day.

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