Sunday, April 26, 2009


April 15- 19 2009

The 15th was the last day at the shelter for several dogs. We went to go get one, even though we still had Riley. I just couldn't sit by knowing that there were dogs that were going to be put down, and not do anything about it.

When we got to the shelter, they had already put down several of the older/harder to adopt dogs. :( As badly as I wanted to save them all, it just wasn't possible.
I kept repeating the starfish story in my head, and trying to hold back the tears.

We took home a gorgeous little girl, a lab/spaniel/collie mix about 9 months old.
She didn't have a name, but I was calling her Darlin when we took her into the vet, and that's what they wrote on her records, so it stuck.

Darlin was just the calmest, sweetest little thing. She would sit back and quietly watch the other 3 dogs go nuts, LOL.
She was SO smart. She wasn't housebroken when we brought her home, but she picked it up in the first day.

We took her to the Adopt-a-thon with Riley. She had several people look at her, and who were interested, but she came home with us. That Sunday though, a family called us who had seen her that Saturday, and wanted to adopt her.
We took her to their house, and they kept her for one night and were totally in love.
That family was perfect for her, and I am so happy that they found her. They renamed her Harley and said that she is doing really well there, and is happy!

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