Sunday, April 26, 2009


April 7-8 2009

We had gone to the shelter to pick up a little Vizsla pup, but she had already been adopted. While there, we looked around at the other dogs, and we saw Hope.
She was in one of the outdoor kennels, and had just been brought in by a couple who had found her sleeping by a dumpster. She was so emaciated when they found her that she couldn't even walk.

She was in the worst condition that I've ever seen a dog. So skinny, and her nails were so long that she was almost walking sideways on her feet. She had some major battle scars on her face too. She'd been on the streets for awhile.

I cried all the way home, and for the whole day after that everytime I thought of her, I'd start crying again. All I could think of was getting her and helping her.

We couldn't take her for the weekend because we had Solo, but another foster family saw her and took her out of the shelter for the weekend. We picked her up from them on Tuesday after we took Solo home.

She was quite growly when we brought her in, and very scared. I kept her on a leash and walked her around the yard so she could get used to the girls, and they her.
Ginger was smelling her, and she was smelling Ginger, and they obviously didn't hit it off.. she dove into Ginger and went into full attack mode. The leash broke, and it took me about 10 minutes to get her and Ginger off each other. I got pretty bruised up in the meantime too.

I finally got a hold of her, and got her in the kennel. I was in tears, and when I calmed down, I checked her over and looked over Ginger also, and aside from a few scratches, they both seemed to be ok.

I called Lorraine and told her that it wasn't going to work out, and she said that the foster family that had her for the weekend would take her back.
She spent the night at our house, in the kennel, and David picked her up the next morning.

I really wish that it had worked out with her. I had such high hopes, and I was devastated that it didn't work out.

She is doing FANTASTIC with David and his family, and they are working with her on socializing her.
She is set to go to an English Pointer rescue sometime this month, and will hopefully flourish there to the point where she'll be able to be adopted by a family where she will be loved.

ADDED 5-2-09
We saw Hope today! Her name is Rosie now, and she looks AWESOME. She is still with David's family and it was so incredible to see how great she is doing with the love and care that they are giving her!

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