Sunday, April 26, 2009


April 3- April 6 2009

Solo was a short stay. He was taken out of the shelter on Friday, and sent to Doc's to be neutered. There was a gentleman interested in adopting him, but he wouldn't be able to pick him up till Monday. So we picked him up at Doc's and kept him for the weekend.

Solo was a gorgeous dog, and very sweet tempered. A little shaky when we first brought him home because of being neutered. He got along with the girls ok too. He didn't realize that he had been decaffeinated though, and kept trying to make espresso, LOL! He had been used as a breeding dog before being taken to the shelter, so it was habit for him, I'm sure.

He wasn't housebroken, and lifted his leg to pee, so it was a challenge to keep him in the house. We had been wanting to build an outdoor kennel, and this was the perfect opportunity. We had it built by Sunday so that we could put him in it while we were at church.

We took him to meet his new owner on Monday afternoon, and he went to his new home!

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