Sunday, April 26, 2009


March 4-10 2009

I fell in love with Prince. He was the first dog that we took directly from the shelter. I saw him on petfinder, and called Lorraine immediately to ask if we could go get him.

He was a young Weimaraner, only about 6 months old. It took him a little while to feel comfortable in the house with the girls, but after a day or so, he was like one of the family.

We didn't have Prince for long - I would have loved to keep him for longer. The Weimaraner rescue in Las Vegas took him and placed him in foster care there.

They took him in just before Wade and I went to Oregon.

I cried all day the day that Prince left. I really did love this dog. I think he was the first one where I let my guard down and REALLY loved him. So it was hard to let him go.

I hope he is placed with a fantastic family. He deserves it.

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