Friday, April 24, 2009

How it all started

Our Daughter, Marian, had to do community service hours for one of her classes in school. At that time, she was going to go into veterinary medicine. So, she wanted to do her community service hours being with animals.
She volunteered for PAWS (Providing Animals With Support) here in our city. She helped them with adopt-a-thons and whatever they needed till she got her hours that she needed.

She remained on their E-mailing list, which, coincidentally, was MY E-mail address.

One day, I got an E-mail asking for short term foster care for a few dogs. One of them was an adorable 4-5 month old black lab.

I had never considered fostering before. I assumed that I would get too attached to the dogs, and wouldn't want to give them up.

But I thought it might be fun to have a lab puppy at the house, And it was only for about 5 days. I asked Wade and he said, yeah, it sounded like fun. Go for it.

The rest is history. I absolutely LOVE fostering these dogs. Taking them from the shelter, some of them on their last day, bringing them into our home and giving them the love that they need and deserve. Helping them get ready to meet prospective families.
I feel like this was something I was meant for. I can't imagine not having a foster or 2 in our home now. It would feel so empty.

A good friend of mine suggested that I start a blog, chronicling all my dogs, and their stories. I agreed that it would be a great idea, so here I am!
I've never blogged before, so I"ll learn as I go. :D

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