Sunday, April 26, 2009


Jan 2009

Maggie was on the same transport to HWAC that Maybelle was, but Maggie didn't get accepted. They said that she 'walked funny, and may have hip problems'.
They called us, and we went and picked her up that night when the transport got back to St George.

Maggie was an amazing dog. We called her Saggy Maggie, as it hadn't been too long since she'd weaned her puppies, and she was still a little saggy. LOL

We loved Maggie right from the start. She was gorgeous, and loving, and sweet. She and Ginger had a little bit of trouble hitting it off, I think because they were both older females, but they worked it out in good time.

I shared so many stories of Maggie and her pictures with my friends on POTN (Photography on the Net), that my friend Chris, from Oregon, decided that he wanted to adopt her.
He went trough all the necessary channels, and when it was final, we drove to Twin Falls Idaho to meet him halfway and take Maggie to him.

I can't even begin to describe how happy I am that Maggie and Chris are together. I often say that HWAC didn't reject her because of her walk, they rejected her because she belonged with Chris. ;)

Because she is with Chris, we get to hear stories, and see photos of her all the time. We even get to see her when we go to Oregon and visit. She has the most amazing life with him.

June 12-2009
I have an update!. My family just went on our vacation to Oregon for 10 days. We got to spend several of those days with Chris and Maggie. It was SO good to see her again! She looks fantastic! We spent a lot of time at the coast, and she taught our Amikah the ins and outs of fetching the tennis ball in the ocean. They had so much fun (as did we, watching them!).

New photo of Maggie taken by Lisa Campbell. 10-09

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  1. Maggie is the happiest girl! She has been such a blessing in my life. I owe that blessing to Cat & Wade and their kids. Thank you so much!!