Tuesday, April 28, 2009


April 28 - May 14, 2009

I'm going to post about our current foster, then update it when they get transported or adopted. That way, you can see who we have right now. :D

If you are interested in adopting Casey, please contact me!!

We brought Casey home from the shelter yesterday. He'd been there for quite awhile.
He is an odd looking dog.. a jumble of several different breeds. Any guesses as to what he is would be appreciated! He is not small, about 40 pounds right now, and only 6 months old.
His back legs look like a German Shepherd, but his face is somewhat Terrier.
His tail is SO unique. It is really long, and hangs down, but curls in a spiral at the end. When he wags his tail, only the spiral goes back and forth and curls around and around. It is so funny!

ADDED: after doing some research, I would say that Casey definitely has some Smooth Fox Terrier in him!

He is SUPER shy and timid. He plays with Troy, but is scared of our dogs.
We are working on that.

He is really really sweet, and just yearns for any attention he can get. He got a bath yesterday, and a good brushing, and his fur is SO soft.

I'll update this with more pictures and more stories as I time goes. :D

Casey is very sick. Right now he's getting pedialyte every hour and some great homeopathic remedies that may help as well. Please keep him in your prayers. He'll see Doc in the morning ... keep all your fingers crossed that whatever he has is fixable.

Casey is feeling much better! YAY. He's back to himself this morning, stealing socks and bounding around. :D

Casey moved to a long-term foster home where he'll stay till he is adopted. I will miss him.. he was such a love bug! He gave great lurpy hugs. LOL.

Casey was accepted at HWAC today! I was so happy that I cried! He deserves it, and I hope that they find him a fantastic home where he will get all the love that he needs.

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