Sunday, April 26, 2009


Feb 24-Mar 3 2009

Shawnee came to us as a temporary stay until there was room for her in Apple Valley (PAWS rescue home).

She was sweet and loveable, but VERY hyper and energetic. There were times that I watched her running circles in the house and I was just amazed that she survived in the shelter staying in that tiny little kennel.

She was really interested in the cats, and spent quite a bit of time barking at them, but she didn't hurt them at all. And the boys weren't amused. LOL

I don't remember how old she was, but she acted very puppyish. Loved to play. And WOW could she run! She loved the lake and went crazy running back and forth with our girls.

Shawnee was a tough foster, a little too high strung for us, but she was an adventure, and we loved having her here.

She went to Apple Valley and has since been adopted. I hope that the people who adopted her have lots of room for her to run!

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